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Prexion Technology

At Lopez Dream Smiles, we use Prexion technology. This amazing tool provide us the benefit to work with 3D DICOM image reconstruction processing and software visualization. Additionally, Prexion provide us the flexibility of getting the clearest diagnostic CBCT images.

Using high-tech solutions like Prexion allow us to get hands-on the following technology benefits:

  • Ability to use 3D animated Movie Maker and 3D patient case        acceptance tools.
  • Fastest remote access to 3D scans.
  • Medical CT, Ultrasound, and more!

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We Care About Our Patients

At Lopez Dream Smiles, we count with high technology products, so we can provide you the best service your smile deserves.



Latest Techniques

Whether your visit is for something simple or not, we make sure your experience at our practice goes nice and smooth as possible. We keep our happy customers with a happy smile.

Laser Technology

Our practice utilizes Picasso laser technology which allows us to work on your gingival care, implant recovery & exposure of unerupted teeth, removal of highly Inflamed edematous tissue affected by bacteria, and more! 

Certified Experts

All of our staff are certified professionals
that are up-to-date with their skills set to provide you the best dental care. 

General Cleaning

Implants & Restoration


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